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Super General Fridge
         Item       Capacity 
MR-EX655W     655L
MR-560E-ST     580L
MR-508E-ST     508L
MR-BF390C-ST     390L
Super General Fridge
      Item       Capacity 
SGR895     820L
SGR804-GL     700L
SGRS590SL     500L
SGR580S     450L
WestPoint Fridge
     Item         Capacity 
WNN-357     316L - 11CFT
WNN-357.S     316L - 11CFT
WNN-457     384L - 14CFT
WNN-457.S     384L - 14CFT
Haier Fridge
      Item         Capacity 
HB21FSSAA     541
HR-868F     476L
HR-858F     399L
AFD631CX     308L